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Photos on the Pictures page (we want your photos, but please wait for our new Web site, coming soon!) were updated 6/6/14.

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     We are a group of local residents who came together in early 2003 to see if we could preserve our local ridges for their scenic view and as open space. We believed something must be done before their beauty was permanently changed by irreversible development. When we learned that 574 acres was for sale on the crest and slopes of Badger Mountain, our goal became to acquire this land to be held as open space. We named ourselves the Friends of Badger Mountain.

Help Found!

We were looking for new volunteers to take over the jobs that one of our long-time volunteers - now retired - had been handling for Friends of Badger. That quest is over, hurray! A new volunteer will soon be taking over a variety of jobs, including running this Web site (as a new one, at that). Stay tuned for further announcements, and be prepared to welcome and thank our new FOBM supporter, she deserves it.